Manufacturers Represented in El Paso

fibercrete trench, box & flat pads, ground sleeves & vaults

Porcelain, polymer and glass insulators for distribution, substation and transmission

Protection & Control Products & Services: UR, MICOM, Agile, Reason, M, SR & 8 series relays; Hardfiber System. SAS Electromechanical. Automation Products - RTU’s and Gateways. Projects – custom panels and control houses, turnkey solutions including system engineering; Digital Instrument Transformers

VLF hipots, AC & DC hipots, thumpers & radars, oil test sets

linemen designed leather protectors for insulating rubber gloves and work gloves. The patented silicone ribbed fingertips and palm grip pads that provides superior all-weather dexterity, adhesion, and control.

single and three phase transformer turns ratio meters, micro ohm meters, & winding resistance meters

CU & AL connectors and lugs, hot-line clamps, UG and OH hardware, network protectors and accessories, 600/900 amp disconnectable joint system, 600/900 amp separable elbow connectors

precision cable preparation tools for terminating URD cable. Accurate removal of the outer jacket, semi-con, and insulation materials from 600 Volts thru 115Kv cable.

Animal mitigation substation fencing solutions utilizing a modular design with a mild electric shock to deter snakes, squirrels, raccoons and other climbing animals. Proven patented technology protecting over 2,500 substations in the US and Canada.

signs, labels, tags, posts, decals, pole & tower markers; custom and stock.

innovative utility products including permanent & removable pole steps, tower climbing steps, pole base security caps, tamper resistant security nuts and stainless steel anchors