Manufacturers Represented in North Texas

underground cable locators, secondary and primary cable fault locators for buried utilities

fibercrete trench, box & flat pads, ground sleeves & vaults

automated transformer insulation analyzer, relay & breaker test equipment,on-line diagnostics systems for transformers, breakers & generators, partial discharge, oil material analysis, engineering consultation, transformer condition assessments and plant reliability service agreements

U Guard, Guy Guard, Cable Markers, Double Coil Lock Washers, Secondary Service Pedestals, RV and Temporary Power Pedestals, Cabinets, Enclosures, and various utility tools

universal multi-platform software for system protection testing and database management for assisting with NERC regulatory compliance

Porcelain, polymer and glass insulators for distribution, substation and transmission

Protection & Control Products & Services: UR, MICOM, Agile, Reason, M, SR & 8 series relays; Hardfiber System. SAS Electromechanical. Automation Products - RTU’s and Gateways. Projects – custom panels and control houses, turnkey solutions including system engineering; Digital Instrument Transformers

overhead and underground distribution switches sf6 or solid dielectric, “Viper” reclosers with epoxy encapsulated vacuum interrupters rated 15.5 through 38kV, distribution and transmission cable accessories, and current limiting system protection devices (excludes Panhandle and El Paso)

VLF hipots, AC & DC hipots, thumpers & radars, oil test sets

handheld & battery operated hydraulic Compression tools & cutters. Hook Hoist strength die cast aluminum strap and cable hoist.

15-69kV GOAB switches and motorized switch operators.

Oil filled CT/VT's thru 230kV, Dry 600v, Molded to 25kV, Engineered Slip Over Bushing CT's

distribution/transmission silicone polymer insulators

wildlife mitigation devices for overhead construction (excludes El Paso) distribution wood equivalent Ductile Iron Poles

distribution wood equivalent Ductile Iron Poles.

aluminum 600v secondary, TR-XLPE Primary URD, ACSR, AAC & High Voltage underground Power Cables and Accessories 69KV-230KV

3 phase stacked core power transformers up to 575 MVA, 525 KV. mobile substations and portable transformers

linemen designed leather protectors for insulating rubber gloves and work gloves. The patented silicone ribbed fingertips and palm grip pads that provides superior all-weather dexterity, adhesion, and control.

single and three phase transformer turns ratio meters, micro ohm meters, & winding resistance meters.

CU & AL connectors and lugs, hot-line clamps, UG and OH hardware, network protectors and accessories, 600/900 amp disconnectable joint system, 600/900 amp separable elbow connectors

precision cable preparation tools for terminating URD cable. Accurate removal of the outer jacket, semi-con, and insulation materials from 600 Volts thru 115Kv cable.

capacitor banks: station class metal enclosed – line voltages up to 38kV with KVar as required. pad mount – 2.4V to 38Kv; 150KVar to 1800KVar. pole mount – 2.4kV to 38kV; 150 Kvar to 1800KVar; vacuum or oil switches. pad mounted equipment: air insulated cabinets. switch only, switch & fuse, fuse only. primary & secondary metering cabinets.

Animal mitigation substation fencing solutions utilizing a modular design with a mild electric shock to deter snakes, squirrels, raccoons and other climbing animals. Proven patented technology protecting over 2,500 substations in the US and Canada.

signs, labels, tags, posts, decals, pole & tower markers; custom and stock.

innovative utility products including permanent & removable pole steps, tower climbing steps, pole base security caps, tamper resistant security nuts and stainless steel anchors