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Huskie Tools continues to be an industry leader in developing new compression and cutting tools for the electrical utility industry. Their battery-operated line of tools are among the lightest, fastest & most ergonomically designed for the market. They have tools for overhead, underground, substations, distribution and transmission projects.

Due to the demand of our customers, Huskie Tools is pleased to announce the following new developments:

  • SL-95YC: 9 Ton Streamline Scissor-Type Cutter
  • REC-54GRB: Gear Driven Ground Rod Bender
  • SL-C610: 15 Ton Streamline Compression Tool
  • SL-SB40: 8 Ton Streamline Cutting Tool with 1.6” Jaw Opening
  • SL-1000: 12 Ton Streamline Compression Tool
  • BP-84: 4.0-Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • BP-82: 2.0-Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Please visit Huskie Tools website for more information.


Website links to each tool:

  • SL-95YC: www.huskietools.com/products/sl-b95yc-12-ton-scissor-type-cutting-tool/
  • REC-54GRB: www.huskietools.com/products/rec-54grb-gear-driven-ground-rod-bender/
  • SL-C610: www.huskietools.com/products/sl-bc610-15-ton-streamline-compression-tool/
  • SL-SB40: www.huskietools.com/products/sl-sb40-8-ton-cutting-tool-with-1-6-jaw-opening/
  • SL-1000: www.huskietools.com/products/sl-1000-12-ton-streamline-compression-tool/
  • BP-84: www.huskietools.com/products/bp-84-lithium-ion-battery/
  • BP-82: www.huskietools.com/products/ch-82-lithium-ion-battery/

  • Energy Reps partners with PTI-Manitoba Transformer Plant

    Saskatchewan-based company, PTI Holdings Corporation, parent of PTI – Partner Technologies Incorporated acquired the Winnipeg transformer manufacturing operations, formerly owned by CG Power Systems Canada, Pauwels Canada and Federal Pioneer Limited. The acquisition doubles PTI’s capacity, increases product scope to include mobile substations and expands manufacturing capabilities to 600MVA and 525kV.

    The PTI Manitoba factory was built in 1945 and just one year later rolled out its first transformer. Currently the workforce numbers 200. The factory is located in the heart of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The plant was the first Canadian transformer plant to be certified to ISO 9001 and has retained its certification since 1993.

    Testing is carried out in a state-of-the-art test bay with the latest equipment. It was recently expanded and upgraded to accommodate three units at the same time.

    The PTI Mobile Substation product line emphasizes both operation flexibility and long term reliability making them suitable for a wide variety of custom applications. These can include:

    • Substation relief in the event of equipment failure
    • Supporting substation maintenance and repair activities
    • Emergency power supply in event of natural disasters
    • Supply to Isolated Areas & Mining activities
    • Stand by for peak load demands

    PTI strives to provide high quality products and services, treating every customer with courtesy and individualized care

    PTI’s Quality Assurance Program has been certified to ISO 9001:2008. Each employee strives toward quality within their department and contributes to plans, manuals and records. This way, knowledge can be shared to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Royal Switchgear - Seismic Letter of Notice, May 4th, 2015

    To our valued customers:

    This letter is to advise that Royal Switchgear has tested and passed IEEE 693 HIGH shaker-table testing for its vertical break switch

    Some exciting facts from testing:

    • The tested switch was a 230kV 3000A switch with 1050kV BIL insulators and grounding switch. TR-312 insulators were used to create a "worst case scenario" for testing.
    • By testing the "worst case" at 230kV, this enables Royal to be qualified in essentially every 230kV and 161kV seismic zone scenario.
    • This is the first shaker-table test ever performed using the 230kV PG&E vertical break support structure.
    • Royal can, if required, supply the switch and structure that were seismically qualified together.
    • The test was conducted at the University of Buffalo lab in New York with the supervision of W.E. Gundy & Associates, Inc. (WEGAI).
    • WEGAI is internationally known for exceptional analysis with focus in seismic qualification and design of electrical substation transmission and distribution equipment and building electrical-mechanical test equipment.
    • This is the tallest structure WEGAI has ever seen used for a 230kV shaker-table test.
    • Photo of the test is on the following page.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or comments! Thank you!

    Energy Reps is now proudly representing Aqua-Tronics!

    Aqua-Tronics, Inc. was founded in 1967 and is now the leader in quality equipment used to solve buried utility problems. Helping you solve buried utility problems is what they do best.

    As manufacturers of underground cable fault locating and identification, their sole purpose is to design and manufacture locating instruments that are field useful and field rugged. Aqua-Tronics prides themselves on quality, service and customer support. Setting the standard for service is what they are about.

    Please contact your local Energy Reps account manager for a demo today!

    Energy Reps is now proudly representing GAMMA Insulators in Texas and in Oklahoma

    GAMMA Insulators Corporation – manufacturers of low, medium and high voltage utility products – a subsidiary of the CORONA Group based in Colombia – and CERISOL S.A., manufacturers of medium and high voltage porcelain insulators based in Europe – we are pleased to announce that our companies have joined forces to offer the North American utility market a full line of porcelain TR station posts (ANSI TR-202 to ANSI TR-391).

    We see this alliance as representing a strong commitment to provide North American utility and OEM customers with a premier line of low, medium and high voltage station post insulators, supported by state of the art manufacturing facilities, and a strong value proposition of stock, service and support NOW.

    The GAMMA-CERISOL product line will be manufactured, as before, at Gamma’s facility based in Medellín, Colombia, and Cerisol’s facility located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Both companies will collaborate to fulfill the complete product line. However, this new long term research and manufacturing alliance between both companies means something more. It demonstrates that we are united in our desire to develop and offer new and additional station post custom designs, based on specific requirements in accordance to ANSI C.29.9-1983. GAMMA Insulators will manage the North American sales and marketing effort for new GAMMA-CERISOL product line, plus all customer service and technical operations, as well as Gamma’s U.S.-based warehouse and distribution center located in Savannah, GA.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 01/16/2018

    Myers Power Products Adds Energy REPS: CO & WYO to Utility & Industrial Representative Networ

    ONTARIO, California, USA – Myers Power Products, Inc. (Myers) has added Energy REPS: CO & WYO (Energy Reps) to our sales representative network. In operation since the early 1990’s, Energy Reps is focused on providing “state of the art service to . . . principals and customers.” Energy Reps will serve the utility and industrial markets in Colorado and Wyoming, linking customers and stakeholders with the Myers FVR substation circuit breaker line as well as other power distribution products and custom solutions for utilities, mining, oil and gas refining, chemical manufacturing, and heavy industry.

    Jon Waggener, Myers Vice President-Sales and Marketing said, “Energy Reps has a significant market presence and history resulting from their customer focus and industry knowledge. I am pleased to have them working on Myers behalf.”

    Energy Reps joins the nearly 100 firms representing Myers primary and backup power solutions throughout the United States and Canada, including a dozen that are dedicated to the utility and industrial markets. These markets constitute a major client base for Myers, with products and custom solutions for the grid-based power, renewables, water / wastewater, and gas utilities markets as well as mining, oil and gas refining, chemical, and heavy manufacturing facilities. Customers served in these markets range from municipal utilities that serve a few thousand customers to multi-brand energy corporations serving millions of residential and commercial customers.

    About Myers Power Products

    With more than 60 years of experience, Myers is recognized as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of medium and low voltage distribution equipment and related products in North America. The group supplies MV and LV, AC and DC switchgear and switchboards, power distribution centers, motor controls centers, portable substations, circuit breakers, emergency lighting systems, battery backup systems and telecom and cable power products. Myers’ customers include utilities, commercial and industrial firms, local governments and national government agencies. The company’s ongoing research and development efforts seek to expand and enhance its existing product lines and improve safety, ease of use and increased functionality. Corporate information and detailed product information is available on Myers’ website at www.myerspowerproducts.com.