Manufacturers Represented in Wyoming and Colorado

air-core, dry-type reactors (patented dry winding process). applications: current limiting, load flow, bus ties, neutral grounding, harmonic filtering, shunts, HVDC smoothing & static var compensation.

U Guard, Guy Guard, Cable Markers, Double Coil Lock Washers, Secondary Service Pedestals, RV and Temporary Power Pedestals, Cabinets, Enclosures, and various utility tools

Protection & Control Products & Services: UR, MICOM, Agile, Reason, M, SR & 8 series relays; Hardfiber System. SAS Electromechanical. Automation Products - RTU’s and Gateways. Projects – custom panels and control houses, turnkey solutions including system engineering; Digital Instrument Transformers

15-69kV GOAB switches and motorized switch operators.

Structures: Transmission – tapered tubular Substation –round & square tube; I beam, tapered tubular

Medium-Voltage Substation Circuit Breakers, Power Sub Type FVR Vacuum Circuit Breaker 15, 27 & 38kv; up to 4000A; up to 50 kA. MV & LV Switchgear up to 38kV. Integrated Power Distribution Centers. Non-Seg Bus Duct-AC Up to 38kV, 4000A Max

High Voltage Electrical Porcelain, Glass Insulators and HDPE products including Station Post, Line Post Transmission and Distribution as well as Apparatus porcelains from 7.5kV to 765kv

State of the DC & AC power conversion and back equipment for critical applications. Utility scale battery chargers. AC UPS & Inverters. Battery & Charger Packages.

shunt reactors, medium voltage substations both metal enclosed & pad mounted.

PTI Manitoba

3 phase stacked core power transformers up to 575 MVA, 525 KV. mobile substations and portable transformers

Substation and Transmission Group-Operated Disconnect Switches, Substation and Distributrion Hookstick Disconnects, and Substation Connectors

Animal mitigation substation fencing solutions utilizing a modular design with a mild electric shock to deter snakes, squirrels, raccoons and other climbing animals. Proven patented technology protecting over 2,500 substations in the US and Canada.

Submersible, padmount, vault-mounted switchgear. Automationready, control & relay integration, ATS & SCADA packages. SF6,liquid & Solid Dielectric designs, up to 35kV

signs, labels, tags, posts, decals, pole & tower markers; custom and stock.